Wednesday, 2 November 2011

+memmorization strategy through the learning process of memmorizing+

information processing

1)sensory memory
2)short-term memory
3)long-term memory

sensory memory 

first of all......we have to read first the ayah of Qur'an that we want to memorize, this is due to the technique of learning in memory processing...Sensory memory is the initial processing that transforms sensory stimuli into information.....we can go through iconic memory and also echoic....
the iconic process which is we read it and try to memorize it...the echoic process which we memorize according to what we just hear....for me, i use both of process....for the first time to memorize the surah...i read it first...after that....i Bluetooth from laptop to my handfone so that i can listen it often....

the next process is work on working we save it into our mind as easy and as fast as we can..???

from short-term memory to turn it into long-term memory we have to use many technique such as chunk-in, demonstration and also rehearsal. 

Chunking is the process with which we can expand our ability to remember things in the short term. Chunking is also a process by which a person organizes material into meaningful groups. Although the average person may only retain about four different units in short-term memory, chunking can greatly increase a person's recall capacity. For example, in recalling a phone number, the person could chunk the digits into three groups: first, the area code (such as 215), then a three-digit chunk (123) and lastly a four-digit chunk (4567). This method of remembering phone numbers is far more effective than attempting to remember a string of 10 digits.

Practice and the usage of existing information in long-term memory can lead to additional improvements in one's ability to use chunking. In one testing session, an American cross-country runner was able to recall a string of 79 digits after hearing them only once by chunking them into different running times.

Demonstrate is that we Bluetooth from laptop to fon for listen it....we hear it through our laptop also can be the way we demonstrate it when we listen to it.

and lastly is maintaining rehearsal that keep up our memory. it easy because once you practice memory it will put into your mind as we mainting and keep memorize the surah...

so, friends lets start our memorization of surah and may Allah bless u all...TQ....



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